Kerala Fashion League entered the world of Fashion in 2015,They brought the emerging and biggest names of Fashion industry to showcase their collections on Kerala Fashion League’s platform.

Kerala Fashion League  has turned out to be a success, right from the glorious season one to the alluring season 11 by creating shiny ripples across the media in India as well as foreign countries. It’s an exquisite event by Abhil Dev that brings together national and international designers alongside the most sought-after models on the same ramp where the newest and the rarest masterpieces in outfits are showcased.

Fashion Event of Kerala

Kerala Fashion League is the brainchild of Mr. Abhil Dev. He started Kerala Fashion League, as he was passionate about art, craft and Fashion. Abhil Dev is unique with his techniques to explore the branding. With every new season of Kerala Fashion League, there will be a dispatch of a few imaginative subjects and thoughts, indeed the Fashion industry is developing with every commencing year and his commitment towards it is commendable.

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